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Financial Accounting Tool (Standard Edition)

Standard Edition

Financial Accounting Tool (Standard Edition) is specially designed to create and manage business accounting details for all small and medium size organization in real time. Inventory and invoice management software generates and maintains entire business accounting records including Company information, Voucher entry, Customer details, Tax information, Sales/purchase records, Profit and Loss details and other financial accounting details in simplified format. E-accounting application generates various useful reports for total calculation of business accounting information thus allow user to save precious time taken in manual searching of financial records. Business inventory software is password protected and easily prevents unauthorized users to access your crucial business accounting details. Easy to use Business accounting management utility allows user to optimize inventory levels, increase product sales and improves customer relationship.

Financial Accounting Tool (Standard Edition) Screenshots :-

Create New Company

Select Create New Company to start with New Company.

Account Creation

Enter Account Details and Financial Details then click on Save button to create new account record.

Vendor Creation

Enter Vendor Details, Financial Details and click on Save button to create or update vendor records.

Customer Creation

Enter Coutomer details to create or update customer creation.

Software Working Features

  • Easily Maintains Accounting Details : Easily manages end to end business accounting transaction records in accurate way.
  • Generate Financial Reports : Generate various useful accounting reports including Final report, Balance sheet report, Profit and Loss report, Purchase report, Production report and more for total calculation of financial accounting details.
  • Provides Data Connectivity Facility : Provides data connectivity facility that is helpful to fetch accounting records from network connected Computer machines or any Local drive.
  • User and Administration Setting : Provides user and administrator setting facilities to prevent unauthorized users to change or modify software configuration settings.
  • Data Backup and Restore Facility : Software provides data backup and restore facility for future reference (in case of accidental data loss or any mishap).
  • User Friendly Interface : oftware provides attractive graphical user interface so that any accounting user can easily understand software features and functionality without acquiring any prior technical skills.

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