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DRPU - Employee Planner (Employees Time Attendance and Payroll Software)

Employee Planner

Employee planner software is powerful tool to relieve you from the complicated task of handling employee scheduling manually in your company. Software automates the complete employee scheduling process and allows you to maintain staff shifts records, leaves, tour/training details, payroll details in easiest way.

Software automatically sums up employee work hours, calculates overtime, time off, shift pays that helps to generate payroll payslip of employee. Employee scheduling tool also facilitates to print various reports including company reports, employee reports and employee list in paper form. Easy to use staff planning program save your time and efforts, allowing you to focus on other business goals. No matter what your business or organization - Hotel and hospitality, IT firm, Call centers and help desks, Transportations services, Manufacturing operations etc, Software helps to run business smoothly and efficiently.

Software maintains employee in-out, attendance, leaves, time scheduling, vacations, Shifts patterns and Payroll details.

Benefits :-

  • Schedule any number of employees of multiple companies at one place.
  • Reduce overall administrative costs associated with staff scheduling/planning needs of company.
  • Save time and efforts to run business smoothly.

DRPU - Employee Planner (Employees Time Attendance and Payroll Software) Screenshots :-

Create New Company

Select Create New Company in Employee Planner Wizard.

Company Administrator Details

Employee Planner Software manages entire administrator details, currency details etc.

Company User Verification

Staff scheduling program manages all records of employees (including salary details, leave records, shift details etc).

Add Employee

General details to enter employee ID, Title, Name, DOB and other details.

List Of Employee

Check List of Employee status details like in/out records.

Software General Features

  • Software allows users to create and manage multiple company employee records, payroll details all at one place.
  • Easily maintains employee incoming-outgoing timing records to let you know who’s in and who’s out.
  • Simple and accurate way to keep track of employee daily attendance records.
  • Maintain staff day-to-day shift schedules to optimize staff utilization.
  • Easy way to maintain leave/vacation records of all employees.
  • Maintains tour and training schedules of employee who is on tour or participating in training programs.
  • Maintains employee payroll details.

Software Advance Features

  • Password protection : Software password protected feature help to restrict external users to access company records.

  • Generate payroll payslip : Allow users to generate payroll payslip of employee with advance print option.

  • Generate reports : Software generate various reports including Company details reports, Employee reports (Official Details, Leave Details, Salary Details etc), Employee List with customized print settings.

  • Generate tour and training pass : Generate tour and training pass of employee going for tour/training purpose along with option to add photo on pass.

  • Data connectivity : Provides timesaving ability to import data of selected company in order to view and edit its information.

  • Data Backup and Restoration capabilities : Facilitates users to take backup and restore data, in case original data gets corrupt or lost due to the occurrence of some data loss situation.

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